Benefits of Using Thick Grip Implements

What Are Thick Grip Implements?

Barbells or Dumbbells with a handle diameter over two inches are usually considered a thick or fat grip. There are a ton of companies out there that sale thick bars or thick grips that you can place on bars. When using these implements you can perform your normal training routines, but it will add a ton of benefits.

Benefits of Training With Thick Grips

Increased Neural Drive
Thicker grips stimulate more muscle fibers in your hands, fingers, and forearms. As you contract a muscle while holding a thick bar, you are not only contracting the primary muscles in the hands and forearms, but you are also stimulating the surrounding muscles and connective tissues. Furthermore, it takes a lot more focus when training with thick grip implements because they are harder to handle, which will make the contractions even greater. The muscle mind connection is a real thing.

Improved Strength and Muscle Mass Gains
Continuing with the point above, the more muscles we can get to contract using thicker grips the stronger your grip will become. Not only that your overall strength and muscle mass will increase. The reason is because if a weight is too heavy to “Grip” you probably will not attempt the lift or will not be able to withstand the pain of holding on to a bar for extra reps. Overall, this will reduce the chance of improving gains because you are only as strong as your weakest link.  Thicker grips also improve imbalances and reduces injuries by taking the stress off the joints and placing it on the muscles. The thicker the bar the more the weight will be distributed evenly in the hand. 

Grip Strength Improves Sports Performance 
Grip strength improves sports performance in many ways especially if your sport contains grappling, throwing or any use of the hands. If you are able to squeeze an object or person with increased grip strength the more power and control you will have. Grip strength can often be the difference between making or missing a play. 

Overall, thick grip implements are very beneficial and can be an easy add to your everyday training routines. If you have any question pertaining thick grip training please contact us!

Jermaine Hough

-B.S. Exercise science
-Minor in nutrition
-BPS Level 1

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