Is Holiday Weight Gain Temporary? Tips on Getting Back on Track

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It’s a common goal in the beginning of the new year to lose weight, partially because of the air of aspiration surrounding this holiday but mostly because of the months leading up to it. Between Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner and days of leftovers, and rich food from all those Christmas parties, it’s no surprise many people gain weight during the holidays.

Since most individuals gain weight more in these latter months than any other time of year, the real question is this: “Is holiday weight gain temporary?” Here at The Rack, we never believe weight gain to be irreversible. Whether you’re looking for tips on getting back on track or a trusted personal trainer in Atlanta, GA, who’ll help you work out a plan and keep you to your goals, keep reading to learn more. 

Primary Causes of Holiday Weight Gain

You may hear of your friends and relatives gaining five or more pounds or notice some additional “stuffing” under their belts. However, the average person only gains about one pound during the holidays due to the cold and darkness. 

As we step out of Fall and Daylight Savings Time ends, we lose about four hours of brightness, depending on your location. For most, that lessens time outdoors planting, visiting amusement parks, or just taking a stroll. Instead, these individuals become more passive, using their downtime to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a snack, altering their normal eating habits. 

Whether you’re eating because you’re bored but can’t reach for the healthier foods as they’re out of season or the darkness leads to an annual depression requiring comfort foods like a slice of chocolate cake, you’re probably taking in high-calorie foods regularly. You may also seek refuge in hot, rich coffees and cocoas or alcoholic beverages, especially eggnog, to warm you up as the temperatures drop.

Is Holiday Weight Gain All About Food Consumption? 

While there’s no doubt that meals become larger and more savory during these celebratory months, they’re not the only culprits that cause the needle on your scale to fly past your comfort zone. 

Our internal clock or circadian rhythm helps us create and stick to cyclical actions and bodily function patterns like eating, digestion, and sleeping. However, because it pivots on natural light-dark cycles, winters throw our rhythm off. 

In response, our metabolisms slow, similar to animals in hibernation, making our bodies seem like traitors, especially when we’re sticking to our regular diets but still gaining weight. It also affects how the pancreas produces insulin from carbohydrates in foods and distributes it to the rest of the body for energy, making us more sluggish and keeping us from burning calories. 

Is Weight Gain Temporary?

Now that we know what causes weight gain, it’s time to tackle the following question: “Is holiday weight gain temporary, and how do you get rid of it?” Because the amount of weight typically gained during these months is lower than commonly assumed, it’s not only possible but sometimes easier than expected to get beach-body ready before the summer with these tips.

Prepare Your Meals

While it may seem like an extra chore, planning your meals for the rest of the week alongside snacks and beverage choices makes gathering ingredients and cooking easier, helping you stick to a healthier diet. Going one step further, meal prep, or cooking all meals over the weekend and storing them in the fridge, makes home cooking as accessible as fast foods, so you don’t have to run to the latter on a hectic day.

Drink Plenty of Water

Eggnog and champagne are staples for Christmas and New Year’s, respectively. But the extra alcohol in your diet, alongside the oily, sugary, and sodium-rich foods that accompany them, dehydrates you and leads to water retention that swells the body. Swapping other beverages for water or keeping a bottle of it with you encourages you to flush out these substances and reenergize the right way.

Recruit in Your Journey

If you’re not the only one in your circle wondering, “is holiday weight gain temporary?” recruit a friend or family member and take the journey together. Not only will your workout time double as entertaining hangouts, making them more entertaining, but you’ll likely stick to the routine if someone else is counting on you. 

When You Need to Hit the Rack

If you need friends with a 7600-square-foot training facility and years of experience with one-on-one and group coaching, we’re here to help you with your New Year’s resolution fitness goals. You won’t have to worry, “Is holiday weight gain temporary?” since our team has everything from squat, bench, and power racks to deadlift platforms and band attachments. 

Call The Rack at (678) 626 7225 to schedule a consultation and start healthy habits in Atlanta, GA, today!

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