How to fit working out into a busy schedule

The Rack Athletic Performance Center

Most productive adults have busy schedules, whether it may be work, kids or just life in general. One excuse most trainers here from clients is “I don’t have time to work out because I am too busy”. There are 24 hours in a day, a person can create 30 minutes to an hour a day to find time to train. Here are some ideas when training with a busy schedule.

  • Train early in the morning. There are usually less people at the gym and you can do this before you go into work.
  • Workout during your lunch break. In a perfect world you might have an hour for lunch. Head over to the gym and knock it out before your break is over.
  • Create a home gym. If you work from home this can be very convenient. Find the equipment that works for the space you have and train when you have free time. You also don’t have to go anywhere.
  • Train after work. This is usually the busiest time at most gyms, but the most practical way to train for most working adults.
  • Become a weekend warrior. The weekend is only two days but you can find use of your freetime using those two days as training days.
  • If you have a structured schedule create a calendar of good times within your work week of what would work best for you
  • If you have kids some gyms have daycare centers where they can watch your kid. If you’re fortunate enough may you train at “The Rack APC” where we are kid friendly your kids could train with you

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