Tips to Sit Less & Move More

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Sitting has become a prevalent issue in our sedentary society and has caused a negative effect on one’s everyday life. The health risks of prolonged sitting include obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and unhealthy cholesterol levels, that make up metabolic syndrome. Outside of the health risks, sitting has a huge impact on the musculoskeletal system. Extended periods of sitting can lead to poor posture, back pain, and even spinal problems. As a strength and conditioning coach, the main issue I see in clients are caused due to this very reason. The main goal for every individual should be to sit less and move more.

 Here are some strategies to become more active and reduce sitting time.

  • Invest in a standing desk
  • Take movement breaks. Set reminders
  • Walk during calls or meetings
  • Stretch or stand while you watch TV
  • Find a new active hobby/exercise

The importance of movement and regular physical activity will always help counterbalance the negative effects of prolonged sitting. There’s nothing wrong with sitting and it is only harmful when we’re doing it a bit too much. In today’s world it is far too easy to overdo sitting. Use these movement strategies and start sitting less during the day for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Always start with small changes and build day by day. If you have any questions about strategies or training, please reach out to us.



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