Benefits of Group Training

The Rack Athletic Performance Center

Not everyone is comfortable training on their own, or even working with a trainer. If you are not as comfortable working independently with some guidance, working with a group might work better for you. At The Rack APC we have different groups of people that train at specific times where they can come train with their colleagues and friends. For example we have a running group, teacher group, and specific sport athlete groups (basketball,football,volleyball etc.) that come in. Most of the clients that use this option, use this as an opportunity to connect with their peers while also getting some training in. We have seen positive results from this style of training on all levels. Here are some benefits of our group training classes.

  • Creating a community environment
  • Motivation from others
  • Connect with others
  • Creates a fun environment
  • There is always a spotter
  • Friends can correct your form
  • Make new friends

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