10,000 steps in a day

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Have you heard of a getting 10,000 steps in a day? Somewhere along the way someone thought of this magical number to get people to be more active. However, after further research it looks like it’s actually a little less. How much? Looks like now we only need to get around 8,200 steps, give or take. But most Americans are only getting around 3,000-4,000, which according to the CDC is sedentary.

So how can you correct this? Just add 500-1,000 steps at a time until you reach the required 8,200 steps. You can do this by walking during lunch breaks, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park a little further away, find a close park and get outside.

There are tons of devices out there that can track your steps. Some cheap, others expensive. Choose one that fits your needs.

What happens if you don’t hit your numbers? That’s okay! What you do the other hours of the day matters as well. Getting sunshine, resistance train, and sleep are huge components of a healthy and fit lifestyle! Don’t know where to start? Feel free to reach out to a coach today to get started!

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