The Static-Dynamic Method

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When it comes to sports and athletic movements, a majority of athletes need to be explosive and powerful from a static position (a position lacking any movement). A baseball player needs to be able to quickly takeoff from a dead stop at 2nd base when running to 3rd, an offensive lineman in football needs to explode out of their stance to block a pass rusher on 3rd down, and a swimmer needs to explode off the platform to dive into the pool to begin a race. A great method for training explosive strength and power is the static-dynamic method. The static-dynamic method involves moving a weight concentrically from a static position. Some examples of this are box squats, pin squats, pin presses, pause benching, and much more.

This method takes advantage of the stretch reflex, which can improve the concentric contractile force of the muscle. The stretch reflex, on average, lasts 1-2 seconds in the human body. By training with the static-dynamic method, an athlete can increase that length of time, which can drastically improve their ability to respond to a prolonged static hold (ex. a QB changing the play at the line of scrimmage and requiring his linemen to remain in their stance longer than usual). This method of training improves an athlete’s Rate of Force development, which improves their ability to generate maximum force through their muscles and Central Nervous System which will also allow them to be explosive out of their static position.

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