Grip Work

the rack front door

1. Stop using straps!
-too often do I see people using straps while deadlifting especially. You are missing a lot of
undirected grip work just by using straps. If you’re a bodybuilder who’s trying to focus on
keeping tension on lats while performing a lat exercise that’s different but if you’re an athlete or
powerlifter etc, quit using them and watch your grip improve.

2. Grips attachment
-we’ve all seen those small little blue things sitting in some cabinet or bucket of our gym almost
never getting used. You can throw them on almost any bar or lat/row cable attachment and they
will make any movement much harder because it wont allow you to cheat as easily by using the

3. Fat grip bars
-whether this be axle bar’s, lat/row attachment or fat grip bench bars these can increase grip
strength rapidly as well.

4. Rice bucket
-old martial arts technique that’s cheap and very effective. Simply stick your hand deep into a
bucket of rice and open and close, those fingers will be on fire.


-Westside Barbell Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certified
-Byrd Sports Performance Certified Coach

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