The Rack to Offer In-House Physical Therapy

The Rack Athletic Performance Center

Our one-on-one focused Atlanta gym now has an on-site PT that will be available to members every Monday. This is the third location for Precision Performance and the only one in an athletic facility. Ed Miller, owner of The Rack, believes this move is a no-brainer and will only benefit our members more. “We’ve been working with Precision PT for around the last four years from a referral standpoint. It just made all the sense in the world to have someone in-house from a company that we’ve already been working with,” said Miller.

For many, physical therapy and strength training are some of the only options to improve joint and muscle functionality and reduce pain from injury or overuse. Providing both services in house is the best way to serve our clients.

So far, the collaboration has been a huge success for both entities. “It’s been really busy for [Precision PT]. It’s been really good having them here,” said Miller. Of the many benefits an on-site PT brings, there are five that are highly valued by members of The Rack.

Trusted care

As mentioned earlier, Precision Performance PT and The Rack have had a referral relationship for four years already. Both companies focus on one-on-one care and meeting the individual needs of their clients. Having an established relationship encourages clients to trust the care they are receiving from each company. “We’ve had one member that we’ve referred to Precision PT for the past three years with great success. To have her therapist in-house just makes that progress more available,” said Miller.

Since The Rack has tracked the results of Precision PT for years, they can recommend their clients to them with confidence that they will receive the individualized care they need.

Individualized training

Both The Rack and Precision PT offer one-on-one training and therapy. This means that clients are never grouped into sessions with other members. They get the most out of every session. Miller said, ““We work closely with the Physical Therapists to provide individualized training to our members.” The Rack trainers will communicate with Precision PTs on each member that utilizes their services to understand the best training, nutrition, and route they should go with them.

Having both entities in-house allows members to receive the most care to the most personalized level while coupling therapy and training needs. Members are already seeing major improvements, according to Miller.

“Everything we do is based on the individual. A lot of places talk about personalizing programs, but we actually live it. We don’t have a set program; it’s all based on the member’s needs and what they want to get out of the training.”

Convenience for members

While Physical Therapy may seem like an obvious choice for people struggling with pain and injury recovery, finding a reputable physical therapist nearby can be a difficulty. Often, the prospect of driving to yet another appointment at another location is enough to discourage people from receiving the care they need. We at The Rack believe that this shouldn’t be the case and that we can help our members by making it convenient for them. “Our members love having the option to see a PT at their own gym,” said Miller, “We get to be that bridge between our members and the physical therapy they need.”

In a world filled with more and more options and appointments and deadlines, partnerships like The Rack and Precision Performance just make sense. Members often will couple their Physical Therapy session and gym training sessions back-to-back to maximize results and save time.

“We’ll have members come in for a physical therapy session and then immediately implement changes with our coaches,” said Miller, “or they will come in for a training session and walk right into their recovery session with our in-house physical therapist.” Much of the feedback from clients is that they really enjoy having the option for additional care and that they don’t have to go anywhere else for it. This leads to the fourth benefit of this partnership.

Faster and stronger recovery

Because members are receiving back-to-back physical guidance, their recovery times are shortening. For example, Miller said, “We had one of our members visit Ryan (The in-house PT) and saw immediate improvement after just one visit.” Members who utilize the in-house PT get to address a variety of issues including injury rehabilitation and recovery, pain reduction, mobility restoration, arthritis management, and more. These sessions alone can improve a person’s state of recovery. When coupled with the one-on-one training of The Rack’s certified trainers, recovery and improvements are greatly increased.

Many people don’t realize how straining working out can be on joints and muscles until they’re in pain. The Rack not only ensures that the methods and training offered are the most beneficial and healthy for their clients, but they go a step further by providing an on-site physical therapist to maximize their member’s progress and health.

An All-In-One Facility Built for the Member.

Adding Precision Performance & Physical Therapy as an on-site offer for their clients, The Rack Athletic Performance Center has become an all-in-one training facility for people that want to get their body’s right.

“We are becoming an All-in-one full-service training facility. We have the medical side, we have the recovery side, the post-PT side, and of course the training and strength side. We are all in-house, there’s no reason to go anywhere else,” said Miller.

Many people quit going to the gym because they simply don’t want to make the drive or don’t see results like they want to. Ed Miller sees this and wants to provide a solution by maximizing results in a convenient way. By building an all-in-one facility, customers can get the results they want without the hassle of juggling multiple memberships, driving to multiple locations, and doing their own research. The one-on-one training and physical therapy cuts through that.


By joining forces, The Rack APC and Precision Performance & Physical Therapy have created a highly valued offering to their clients. This includes personalized care, individualized training, and noticeable results. Those seeking a full-scope training facility with access to physical therapy on-site now have what they’re looking for at The Rack.

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