Undulating Periodization

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Undulating periodization involves changing the volume and intensity of the weight-training stimulus within a macrocycle. Within this training method, there is greater variation in volume and training intensity throughout allowing you to increase different qualities at the same time. Phases are undulated between an accumulation and intensification phase.

Accumulation phases are “high volume” focusing on strength endurance, muscle development, and building a foundation. This phase consists of more exercises, higher reps, and less sets. Basically hypertrophy work.

Intensification phases are “high intensity” focusing on strength development and pushing the nervous system. This phase consists of less exercises, lower reps, and more sets. This phase helps develop overall power and strength.

Alternating the two phases will help produce optimal results. Reason is because you are training two different qualities increasing both musculature and nervous system throughout a macrocycle. The power of simultaneously increasing those qualities will help you expedite your goals and milestones on your fitness journey.

Musculature is the foundation of strength and aesthetics. They drive your performance and help sculpt your body, which enables you to produce more power, lift heavier, and be more confident. The nervous system is the command center that coordinates every movement. An efficient CNS ensures accuracy, fast reactions, and explosive power. It also contributes to the symmetrical and toned look synonymous with aesthetic success.

Your overall fitness journey and performance should be embraced by an undulating path. If you have questions or need assistance with your programming please contact us.



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