Consistency in Training

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I have found that the common denominator between the clients that have the best results is being consistent. Before we even talk about work ethic in sessions we have to talk about consistency. This applies to all aspects of training: diet, sleep, and physical workouts.

If you’re not seeing results in one or more of those three categories you should take a look at your consistency. Many times people will blame many things before they actually look at how consistent they are with each category of training.

An Example

A perfect example of this is with my athletes. The athletes that consistently come in 3-4 days a week show up on time, stay late vertical and sprint numbers go up much faster than the athletes that come in one to two times a week. This is due to the fact that the three to four day a week athletes are squatting/benching, etc. this is twice as much as the one to two day a week athletes.

If you want to see some major improvements in your training athlete or not change how consistent you are with the big three: eat, sleep, and training.

Kalil Sherrod, CPT – WSBB Special Strengths

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