Benefits of Strongman Training

Strongman workouts are based on compound/functional movements. Meaning you get more bang for your buck. These movement patterns work several muscle groups at one time and if you pair these movements with a heavy load at lower reps and higher sets, you will see a massive improvement in strength. Also, heavy lifting can cause a higher release of growth hormone, which supports building lean muscle mass. With strongman workouts you have the option to train for either hypertrophy or strength  based off your work to rest ratio but can water two plants with one hose.

Not only can you gain strength and build muscle using strongman training. You will also burn fat and improve your cardiovascular system. As mentioned above, strongman exercises activates several major muscle groups simultaneously. The more muscles you use at a greater intensity with a minimal rest time will allow you to burn major calories. Also, when you train with a heavy load at a fast rate it will sky rocket your heart rate improving your cardio. Strongman training will not only help you reach your fitness goals faster but will also save you training time in a session. Who doesn’t want to loose fat and gain muscle at the same time with out spending hours on a treadmill or bike?

Compared to your conventional strength training, strongman exercises has a large carryover to both everyday life and sports. Many movements takes place in different planes, which can help your day-to-day functional movement patterns whether you play a sport or not. One of the benefits of strongman training is it has no limitations. You can train explosively for explosive athletes, you can develop raw power for power lifters, you will also build lean muscle mass for body builders, all while improving cardio. Know matter who you are it can help improve your specific need in some way. Strongman training can  also gives you a mental break from the traditional lifts while targeting equal or greater musculature and strength.

Believe it or not, the majority of individuals in this world have some type of structural imbalance due to our everyday lives. Overtime things can get misaligned and out of whack if we are inactive or have injuries. Using different strongman implements, we can add some excitement to the boring rehab and prehab exercises. Strongman does not have to always be viewed as an overweight guy lifting heavy stones and pushing monster trucks. It can be modified to any specific individual. Another great thing about strongman exercises is that it doesn’t cause significant muscle damage because they are primarily concentric movements and don’t use the stretch shortening cycle. This is important because it allows you to get the same adaptions as conventional lifts with out DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which helps with overall recovery.

Strongman training is a great system to add to your training program. It will improve your overall health, fitness, and can be modified to specific goals. If you want to learn more about strongman training or how to implement different methods. Please contact us.

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Jermaine Hough
-B.S. Exercise science
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