The Mindset of a Great Athlete

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The mindset of a great athlete or one trying to become a great athlete takes constant work and isn’t created overnight. It’s an everyday process because it requires sacrifice and dedication which many aren’t willing to do. Some people will try to discount others’ hard work for reasons like ‘Genetic Freak’ but that’s so they don’t have to admit the real reason they aren’t as successful as that athlete is because they aren’t willing to do what that athlete did to become great. 

Athletes will come to train from all walks of life and you’ll have some that work very hard and are a pleasure to train and others that constantly drag their feet. Despite others around them working hard and seeing progress they will still have an attitude, give half effort and miss workouts. If you want to be even a good athlete know that it takes work, if you want to make varsity get a college scholarship, go to the pro’s then you’re going to have to be ok with being uncomfortable. College coaches will send you home even if you live across the country. They don’t have time for people that will bring down the group. So yes you have the capability to do anything or be whoever you want in this world but its up to you to actually do the work and listen to your parents/coaches/teachers. I’ll leave you with this quote, 

“You’re either prey or predator, better find out which one you are.” (Louie Simmons)

-Westside Barbell Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certified
-Byrd Sports Performance Certified Coach

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