Top reasons why you are not getting the results you want in the gym!

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We all love the idea of self-improvement. Men and women of all ages enjoy making lists of goals, most of which they never achieve. The same is true for fitness goals. It’s easy to make lists of what you’d like to accomplish from a health and fitness standpoint but not so easy to consistently achieve them. Why do so many people have trouble following through on these types of goals? Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when setting fitness goals.

Lack of Discipline 

It takes discipline and consistency to achieve a fitness goal. You have to create good habits, even if they are small, and do them over and over again! Once a habit is repeated multiple times in a day, week, or month, discipline and consistency starts to become second nature.

Training For The Wrong Reasons

When setting a fitness goal, ask yourself why do you want to achieve a certain goal. Clearly identifying your motivation will make it easier to focus on your workouts and stick with the program until you get results.

The goals you’re most likely to achieve are ones you’re doing because YOU want to do it not because someone else wants you to. The more specific and clearly defined your goal is, the more likely you’ll achieve it. Goals should always be focused and realistic enough to be attainable. Always try to break a long term goal down into short term goals that are realistic, like losing 1% body fat per week rather than losing 200 lbs in 1 year. Achieving short-term goals will boost your confidence and give you the motivation needed to stick with your ultimate fitness objective.

Bad Lifestyle

9 times out of 10 most individuals are not seeing the results they want from training due to the lifestyle they live. I always tell clients you can not out work a “bad lifestyle”. If you are not doing the necessary things to create a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym, it makes the process of training more difficult because you are adding more stress to the body. To create a healthy lifestyle we must not only train hard, but also:

• Intake the proper nutrition
• Drink more water
• Get an adequate amount of rest
• Put all the electronics down
• Get more natural sunlight
• Stay active outside of gym

These things will not only improve the process of achieving your goals but will also provide you with more energy throughout your day.

Training Program

If you are living a healthy lifestyle and still not achieving your fitness goals, you must then look at your program and ask yourself are you training hard enough to achieve the goals you want. A program should be goal specific and individualized to your needs. You should always keep track of progress in some sort of way to see if you are getting better or not. If you have absolutely no clue of what to do when you walk into the gym, you should hire a coach.  Please Do Not follow an Instagram influencer and mimic what they do. You should always know why you are doing certain exercises and learn how to do them correctly. Also, a qualified coach can hold you accountable and push you to reach your fitness goals.

Ultimately be a goal setter, but make sure you’re setting yourself up to achieve your fitness goals. Don’t make these mistakes when planning your workouts. If you are interest in training please contact us!

Jermaine Hough
-B.S. Exercise science 
-Minor in nutrition 
-BPS Level 1

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