Why dynamic warm up is important

The Rack Athletic Performance Center

Before training sessions starting your client with a warm up is always a safe bet. There are many different styles of warm up routines, for example some coaches may start with static stretches or tell their client to hop on the bike for a few minutes. Nothing wrong with either one, but there is a way where you can combine both styles. A dynamic warm up is a combination of both stretching and movement. The best way to implement a dynamic stretch routine to your clients training is to find out their needs. For example, are the clients hamstrings tight? By knowing this information you can find ways to address the issue during the warm up. Another aspect of performing a dynamic warm up is knowing what muscle group is a being trained that days. For example if your training legs that day, building the warm up around lower body movements can be very helpful. Here are some reason to try a dynamic warm up before training

  • increase blood flow
  • Lowers the risk of injury
  • Loosens up tight muscle groups
  • Help improve athletic performance

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