Tips To Stay Consistent With Training

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Hire a coach
Hiring a coach will help keep you accountable. Also, it always you to focus
on training without having to guess what you are doing for the day. A
coach should have a program personalized to your needs and keep up
with your progress. All while motivating you and teaching you how to
properly train.

Have a workout regimen
Find a realistic time of the day that you know you can block off some time
to commit to working out. Also, be sure to try and stick with the same days
you workout weekly. It begins to become a part of your routine schedule
once you set your times and days.

Wake and sleep schedule
Everything flows naturally and easily when you consistently follow the
same sleeping pattern every day. You’ll have more energy, and your body
will adapt to the sleeping pattern.

Workout partner
Having a workout partner is someone else who can hold you accountable.
It also makes training fun and more motivating. Knowing you have a gym
buddy with the same goals in line with yours helps keep you consistent.

Change your mindset
Understanding if you are in good condition to train is a gift. Changing your
mindset of “I have to workout today” to “I am gifted to be able to train
hard today” makes a big difference. Working out should be enjoyable not
a punishment. Chasing a healthy lifestyle and aesthetics is a wonderful process.

Reward yourself
Always reward yourself for working hard. Enjoy the journey and fall in love
with the process. Once you hit different milestones towards your goals,
gifting yourself makes consistency a lot easier.

Edward Miller

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