The benefit of continuing education

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In the strength and conditioning world, there is always new research and data that help coaches improve their craft. One way that coaches can learn this information is through continuing education. Continuing education could be certifications, degrees, books, or even credited research articles. This helps strength and conditioning professionals understand that there is new information out there that they may or may not use. The benefit of continuing education could also be useful for occupations other than coaching. Teachers, businessmen (women), and trade jobs all could benefit from learning more about what is new in their fields. Here are some reasons why people should continue their education.

  • Learn new information
  • Improve their craft
  • Stay up to date with what’s going on
  • The gratification that you are doing things right
  • What you may have done or doing now might not be useful
  • There could be something that might make your job easier
  • New equipment
  • Overall self-improvement

Spencer Haywood

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