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A problem some athletes run into when training on their own is work to rest ratios. Anaerobic and aerobic training have their own specific rest times based on the amount of reps sets and intensity. Strength training and speed and agility training need to be looked at as two separate entities. When speed and agility training a lot athletes make the mistake of going one rep after the other without any rest because they might think they are getting more work done. In reality in order to get the best of each rep they should consider these work to rest ratio when speed and agility training. 

Exercise time: 5-10 second Rest period:  1:12 – 1:20 Example: Pro agility 5 seconds, rest 60 seconds 

Exercise time: 15-30 seconds Rest period: 1:3 – 1:5 Example: 200 meter sprint, 20 seconds, rest 100 seconds 

Exercise time: 1-3 minutes Rest period: 1:3-1:4 Example: 400 meter sprint, rest 3 minutes

Exercise time: More than 3 minutes Rest period: 1:1 – 1:3 Example: Mile run (6 minutes), 18 minute rest

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