When to Deload?

The Rack Athletic Performance Center

This is more directed towards Athletes who compete in the Sport of Powerlifting,Strongman and to a lesser degree Olympic Lifting and Crossfit. Athletes should have plan deload’s in their training, not just when they feel extremely beat up. This is why oftentimes they will pick up unnecessary injuries and develop burnout.

I typically prescribe a deload week 7-9 days; every 6th week of training within a mesocycle which is 6 weeks long. So for example you’d train for 5 weeks and then take a deload on the 6th week. Sometimes the deload may last more then a week for instance after a competition or if there is an injury or something nagging. This shouldn’t be confused with offloading which is when you completely rest. Deload is when you reduce training volume and or load but are still training in some fashion. This gives the mind and the body a break. 

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