Rest Matters

One element in training that is overlooked is rest times between sets. Yes sets, reps, tempos, intensity, etc matters but rest will determine the overall training effect! Whatever your training goal is, the time under tension of the set and the rest interval has a correlating effect. This is called the work to rest ratio. Let’s take a look at different work to rest ratios and categorize them.

Max Strength
T(ime) U(nder) T(ension) = 5-20 seconds
Rest = 2-6 minutes
Load = Above 90%

TUT = 5-30 seconds
Rest = 1-3 minutes
Load= 50-75%

TUT = 30-60 seconds
Rest = 30-240 seconds

Endurance/Fat Loss
TUT = 60s or above
Rest = 60s or below

These numbers are not set in stone but can give you a general ideal of how much rest you need following your sets based on your training goal. Make sure you are implementing the correct rest
intervals if not already. If you want to learn more about work to rest ratios, please contact us!

Jermaine Hough

-B.S. Exercise science
-Minor in nutrition
-BPS Level 1

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