How to stay motivated when just don’t feel like training

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Having trouble getting or staying motivated to go to the gym? Here are some ways to keep you going even when you don’t feel like it.    

Have an accountability partner
Work out with a friend so you can keep each other going

Pre-pack your gym bag the night before if you plan on working out in the morning
When you prepare the night before you can just grab your stuff and go when you wake up, making the morning routine as easy as possible.

Try preworkout to give you energy
Most pre workouts have caffeine to wake you up

Write down your goals
When you have a purpose you will be more motivated to obtain your goal  

Schedule your workouts
When you plan ahead, you can find a time that works with your work/school or other commitments. 

Make it part of your daily routine
When you have a routine you know what to expect, and you are more likely to stick to it because your body adjusts to want to do it. 

Be consistent
When you’re consistent you are more likely to see results 

Change up the workout
You may get bored doing the same thing over and over. Your mind and body might need a new stimulus

Find a training style that you find entertaining
Find a workout routine that suits your needs. Not all workouts work for everyone 

Reward yourself (treat, trip, dinner ect.)
Treat yourself! If you shed a few pounds or reach a new PR, reward yourself. 

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