Finding Consistency through the Holiday Season

The Rack Athletic Performance Center

Often through the holiday season, schedules can be uncertain for multiple reasons which can cause us to put our training routine on the backburner. Here are a few approaches that can help you stay on track this holiday season.

  • If you’re planning to train less, plan for how often you can train during the weeks you’ll be busiest. Sometimes, we have an all in or all out approach and if we aren’t training at all, this can put us further away from our goals once the season has passed.
  • Try to drink less throughout the weeks that you may be eating more than you normally would. This can help offset the excess calories in your diet.
  • Incorporate ways to increase activity levels throughout your day. This can include taking more walks throughout your week, spending time in the yard, or simply parking further from the store.

Hope this helps and enjoy your holiday season!

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