3 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Performance Goals Instead of Aesthetic Goals

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At some point, you’ve likely experienced wanting to change your body by a certain date and being so consumed with the aesthetic result that everything else in your life suffers as a result. Constantly being worried about food and workouts can be a frustrating way to live, so instead of chasing the the last 10 pounds on the scale, I encourage you to chase adding 10 pounds to your squat instead, and here’s why:

1. It takes the pressure off

What I wish most of my clients would realize is that the body you’re seeking will often come as a result of a progressive and periodized program that pushes you towards performance improvements. Not only that, but pursuing performance gains in the gym will also open mental space for you to be a better parent, spouse, employee or friend. When you’re not worried about what kind of food will fit into your latest diet, it allows you to be more present with the people and experiences surrounding you.

2. It’s more motivating

Waiting for the scale to drop those last few pounds can be discouraging. It feels like you’ve tried everything, but you’re exhausted and aren’t seeing results, so you give up and restart the same cycle over and over again.

That is a clear sign that it’s time to break out of the same old routine and ditch the scale for a little while. Shift your focus to adding more reps to your working sets, lifting heavier, jumping higher or running faster for a few months, and see how you feel.

What’s even better is that performance based results like these are fun and sustainable. They’re the gift that keeps on giving because it pushes you to be consistent in working towards your next personal record. Trust me, when you find the fun in fitness, you’ll do it for life.

3. Better results

Last and best of all is all of that hard work you put into achieving performance goals will likely give you the body you desire as a natural result. Before you know it, you feel more energized, more confident and look better than you did when you were spinning your wheels with restrictive diets and extended cardio sessions.

You don’t have to look a certain way to feel confident and comfortable in your body. This is your invitation to flip the script in your head. Instead, be the person who consistently trains hard, do the things that a person who wants to perform well does – treat your body with respect, rest, eat well, and as a result have the body you desire.

Lauren Shull

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